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A note from the Fathers Heart

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

“As I look around the earth I’m looking for my people to arise. I scan the oceans and the seas, I look about the earth for my people. The kind of people who look beyond the veil and into the soul. The ones who value relationship above any earthly thing. The ones who will sit at my sick ones sides and the outcasts, as I do for them if they’d let me. The ones who will hear my story and know my pain as though it is there own, and to walk away knowing that they don’t have to carry it. My burdens were nailed to the cross. I wish they’d take serious measure to not let those same painful experiences I faced repeat themselves in the world. My story is the most beautiful tragic love story. I wish they would read it. I’m looking for the wild ones, who love without abandon. Who see my value as I see there’s. Who consider me before they make decisions as I considered them in when I created them. Who stand by their words with honor and integrity and accept other peoples faults as I accept there’s with patience and forgiveness. That they would stand for what’s right, pure, honest, and lovely. And they would walk away from anything that does not honor their temple because their temple is my home.

I can feel my childrens tears, pleading with me to set them free. I set their feet on the path that always leads to righteousness, that always leads to purity, to the Truth, to me, there Father. I feel there deep empty pain and burden. I wish to take it away for them, to take this burden of abandonment, of suffering, of loneliness away. When I find my willing ones, I will set their hearts ablaze to love others as my son loves the least of them.”

As I heard God saying these things to me it prompted me to ask him this simple request. Show me who you are Lord. Show me the pages you’ve authored on what it looks like to be a father, mother, leader, and friend. Show me what pure authenticity looks like in each of these.

This is what he shared with me. A true father is first and foremost a servant leader. He is the first to battle and the last to rest. For it is not until his wife and his children are taken care of that he could ever be satisfied. He does not boast, he does not speak out of a place of insecurity, he does not sit and watch his wife and children suffer, he does not pit his children against one another or look to get a rise out of them for his entertainment. He does not speak out of turn, sharing information in front of others that would embarrass or hurt them. He celebrates others in a way that makes them feel seen, heard, loved, known, and recognized; as an example to his children on how to treat others. A true father teaches his children how to fish so they can provide for themselves and not rely on him for food the rest of their lives- lest he die they will suffer the consequences of not being able to survive on their own. A true father encourages his children to explore the world and find the things that excite them and brings their heart alive, and then he instills in them a work ethic to pursue it ceaselessly. A true father leaves the ninety-nine for the one. He does not turn a cold shoulder or punish through silence, and distance- the ultimate threat of abandonment. He does not celebrate others lavishly in an attempt to manipulate the one he left behind to do as he wants. A true father helps his children in times of financial hardship, he helps them through physical pain, and emotionally he sits and listens. He gets down on his hands and knees to understand their hurt, not create more trauma and hurt for them to face.

A true mother is kind, patient, nurturing, and unwavering in her love. She is in a continual pursuit of equipping her children with the intangible things that will help them grow up to be virtuous and moral human beings who bring value to society. She feeds them when they are hungry, clothes them when they are cold, shelters them in her womb to protect them from the world, and once they are born she shelters them in her arms. A true mother carries her children’s dreams, desires, needs, wants, and hopes in a beautiful basket of love in her heart. She holds them close, near, and dear. She also knows intuitively when they are broken, in pain, and hurting. She knows theirs fears, burdens, and sorrows and without fail a mother carries her children’s pain as though it is her own. She encourages them when they fall, and sews wisdom into her children so that they might walk the earth with an aptitude for emotional intelligent behaviors. You find out how kind a mother is when you meet her children. If they are not kind it’s the mother who taught them to be this way, because even in the midst of a harsh emotionally avoidant father, a mother never lets her children’s hearts harden. She teaches her children to watch their words as they have the capacity to build a nation or tear it down. A mother loves her children equally, fully, and unconditionally. Her love and sheltering in the early years are foundational to the children’s well being.

A leader is a culmination of the father and the mother. A leader serves likes a father selflessly and nurtures like a mother to the last ounce of their being. A true leader who walks in this way is also a true friend. A true friend when all is said and done is walking in excellence as a father or mother first so they can lead and so they can be a friend. It is in our DNA, the day we are born to be fathers and mothers. In doing so we lead out of a place of purity and authenticity. So when you ask yourself where is the authentic leadership and where are my true friends? What you must remember is that where there is a scarcity of true friends and leadership their is a plethora of lost souls who have forgotten or do not know their identity as true fathers and mothers. It is knowing your identity within the family that one will ever come to understand what true and authentic relationships look like. So learn these things about yourself as a father and mother. Arise into your roles and step out as God’s sons and daughters. It’s time the world met God’s people.

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Membro desconhecido
14 de mar. de 2022

This is absolutely beautiful. This expresses a true picture of the fullness of Jesus being revealed in a woman or man who has given over their everything to Him. Jesus' Kingdom is built upon our relationship with Him and our relationship with one another. This is so good. My Heart.

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