Decide or not to Decide

At the end of the last month, September 28, 2021, it was the middle of the work day and the Father kept trying to get my attention to the state of Connecticut. I kept hearing over and over and over the word Connecticut. If you have not caught on to the theme, when the Lord is speaking to me he has to repeat himself a lot. Like a true Father, He reminds me as much as necessary to get information through my head.

So finally I succumbed to the urgency and looked up the state of Connecticut on Google. The first thing that pops up is the state flag, and a picture zoomed in on a map of the United States of America with the location of the state. First, I clicked on the picture of the state flag to zoom in on the details. The State flag is royal blue. It has a white baroque shield in the center, with three grapevines. Each of the grapevines has three bunches of grapes on them and represent the three oldest settlements in the state. Underneath the images of the grapes is the Latin phrase “Qui transtulit sustient” It is the Latin phrase “ He who transplanted sustains.” The further I investigated what this meant, I found that it was taken from Psalm 79:3, which is the prayer in a time of national disaster. My spirit lept once I realized what the Lord was confirming through this unveiling of the meaning of the Connecticut State flag.

I believe that the Lord has a powerful message to share through this encounter in alignment with the current hour. Those who move about freely on the earth will live, those who bow to man will become a slave to another. He who lives in us becomes the purified glorification of His presence. We truly have two options to choose from as our nation among others face national disaster.

He who transplanted sustains broken down looks like the following:

To be transplanted is either-

A.) When living tissue to an organ is implanted in another part of the body or into another body.

B.) It is when someone has been moved or been transferred to another place.

To sustain is either-

A.) Strengthen or support physically or mentally

B.) Undergo or suffer something unpleasant, specifically an injury.

What does this mean? It means that we move and gain strength in alignment with Christ or we move under the direction of societal pressures and undergo a suffering at the hands of man. We are in an hour where we must make difficult decisions to preserve ourselves and our families. We must earnestly cry out to the Lord for protection and we must be ready to make moves to build us up spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally!

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