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Home Sweet Home

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Our minds are easily swayed by the opinions of man. Our minds are also heavily influenced by what we consume every day. If a person hears something enough times they will begin to believe it even what is untrue. The human mind can be brainwashed to believe anything! If I told you that you were the worst person that every walked the earth and others began to say things to you that were unsupportive, you would begin to believe that you are in fact, the worst person that ever walked the earth, even though the statement is untrue. In the same token, the devil has a sneaky way of slipping into the deep dark corners of our minds and saying things that are untrue about our identity, our destinies, and the state of current affairs around us. The devil will take a very real thing and turn it into an impish monster just as he will take a very unreal thing and create a narrative that does not exist in the reality of human space and time.

The devil seems to be making his rounds around the globe now in the most insidious of ways, breaking down the family unit and further demolishing the gift and necessity of human connection. As we near the Holiday season, I find that encounters with God are imminent now more than they ever have been before as family and friends are being mandated or pressured into a state of fear to spend this time we often spend together alone. While it is presented as a precaution and in hopes of keeping us safe from a real problem the way it has been presented and handled has been nothing short of a disaster. Something can be true and real, but it can also be misrepresented and mishandled to incite higher levels of fear and reaction.

From my experience, you cannot solve a problem by not facing it and those who run and hide may never seek the gift of true freedom in facing the impish monster the devil has loosed on the earth to attack our joy. While he burrows is claws into the minds of his prey, people succumb to higher levels of fear and in turn face insurmountable paralysis. For some this may come as a relief, that isolation will be their cure, but for most this continues to be a lonely time in history that will continue to give free rein to the devil to spread lies within our minds about who we are and where our lives are taking us in a world that operates out of a place of half-truths.

As I reflected on the state of our current affairs, the impact it has had psychologically on our dear friends, family, and community, and the intense testing of our faith, I began to contemplate how we can best serve those around us during this time. It has never been a matter of what is right or wrong, everyone is entitled to their perspective, but rather as a follower of Christ how one must look for ways to serve. Today, wisdom pointed to continuously pursuing the renewal of the mind to be more like Christ’s. It is in this renewal of our minds we are set free from the lies of the enemy, and instead refreshed and refocused on how to be pillars of strength for our friends, family, and community, a place of rest and refuge, and a place of peace, confidence, and courage when others are weary. We are reminded in Romans 12:2 to not conform to the world, but instead be transformed by the renewal of our minds, than we will clearly be able to see the good and perfect will of God for our lives. We also know that in Isaiah 40:29 the Lord is always working on our behalf as it states, “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

In this hour I believe that the Father is sweeping up His people to give them strength in what feels like a long and arduous battle in the desert. It feels for many that they have left Egypt to find themselves lost in the desert to die, but the Lord does not abandon us even in our darkest moments. He is increasing the strength of His weakest warriors in need of rest, and He is sending in reinforcements to encourage, edify, and love His people back to a place of peace and confidence. Furthermore, I have come to realize the best way we can help is in the renewal of our own minds so that we might have the strength and courage to show our friends, family, and community the truth and greatness they carry within themselves through the Father. For there is a difference between being prudent and foolish just as there is to being hasty rather than yielded. There is a difference between walking in truth just as there is to walking in half-truths. There is a difference in being brave as there is to being fearful, and there is a difference between the slumbering as there is to the awakened. As we renew our minds to be more like Christ’s let us choose to be yielded to his still small voice, walking in bravery, and awakened to His truth in these uncertain times so that we might be the “city on the hill” lit brightly for all to see, so that they might come home to be renewed, revived, and refreshed by the love and favor of our Father.

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