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Animal Talk

The Lord speaks to us all in different ways. Some of us hear through music and sounds, others feel through Holy Spirits warm presence, or dancing, and others see through art, dreams, visions, and experiences. That is the beauty of being one of God’s children. He will speak to you in whatever means necessary. He is not rigid in His communication with us. For those who have been reading along, at the beginning of 2021 the Lord had been speaking prophetically through whales to me. Something about the hauntingly melodic song of the whale drew me to His presence. You could hear the Fathers cry for His children in their song. It felt as though this year would be the year of the whale, that is, the year of releasing Gods prophets onto territories he had ordained specific for them. The song of the whale is Jesus beckoning us to relationship with Him and to preach His message to all of the world. As we continue through spring and soon roll into summer the Father has continued to speak to me through His creation. As I sat in bed Sunday morning, I was contemplating on what it was going to take in this season to see the shifts necessary to continue to push God’s kingdom forward. As silly as this sounds, I realized that during this quiet time that God had been unfolding what it would take to me through a marine mammal, a bug, and two land mammals over the past four months.

First He showed me the whale in January; which you can check out that post here. Then in the month of March He brought me into an open vision. It encouraged and convicted me at the same time. I saw this tiny little bug scurry around on the concrete. I asked the Lord why he was showing me this childhood memory. I was sauntering around outside and brushing my feet over these little ant hills and then watched them run about frantically as I had destroyed their home with me feet. I felt some level of remorse and repentance for I realized now as an adult how hard those ants must have worked to build that hill, and asked God to forgive me. Then the Father took me to a new spot and I saw the ants relocating and rebuilding their home. It inspired me deeply. It is such a small little bug, yet with great strength no matter who knocks down their home or what natural disaster sweeps it away, the ant will lift over 5,000 times its weight in dust and debris to build their home over and over. The ant symbolized the first kind of character traits we as His followers need in every season moving forward. We must be resilient, disciplined, and determined to build and rebuild as many times as necessary. No matter how many times our homes, businesses, relationships, or environments come crashing down we must have 5,000 times the strength to get up, relocate if necessary, and rebuild at any cost. In order to have that strength, determination, and resiliency we must be continue to be in constant communion with Christ throughout our day.

A month later, He showed me the earth beginning to go through these intense tectonic shifts. I could feel them beneath my feet and see them spiritually in another realm. As I saw these tectonic plates vibrating beneath the earth I knew that the Lord was showing me the inevitable shaking that must take place in peoples lives in order for there to be a shift in the natural realm. People would go through intense purging. These tectonic shifts beneath the earth would awaken many out of their slumber. The shifts would impact their jobs, their families, their old relationships, emotions, feelings, thought patterns, and ideologies. They would be shaken and split until the shift took place. No matter the intensity the shifts were and continue to happen. Yet, I questioned how we would see to it that the tectonic shifts in our hearts and spirits would take place and stay? What did these shakings look like for us? Well, in came another open vision. I was taken into the jungle with the Father. It was lush and vibrantly green. As we walked through I began to feel the tectonic shaking beneath my feet again. As we drew closer I saw gorillas everywhere and they were pounding their fists into the ground and into their chests in groups. They were not scary, but rather glorious. I heard loud and clear these were glory gorillas. The ground beneath them was shaking and splitting open as they swooped in from the left and the right. They were large and mighty as they slammed their fists into the ground. The Lord was showing me that like the glory gorillas in the spirit realm we too needed to be large and mighty in this season. Like the gorillas we must commune as a family to do His work. We must pound our fists until the earth shakes at the things that need to change in our lives and in our world. These tectonic shifts in the earth need to happen in our world, in our hearts, and our spirits. The beauty of these glory gorillas is that they represented the glorious power of our large and mighty Father. We too in tribes can do large and mighty things to shake this earth. I believe we will witness the realignment of families, friends, relationships, emotions, feelings, healthy thought patterns, and ideologies that will set the stage for an influx of healed and whole believers ready to transform the world through Christs love.

April came and went and I was still concerned as to how we were going to rebuild with the dark agendas seeping into our culture. Yet, again the Father was not finished and this leads us to my morning contemplation Sunday morning. The Father said to me two words, “Water Buffalo”. What does this have to do with getting through all of these shifts? He said to me, look up the words “storm” and “water buffalo”. So, the curious daughter that I am and with the gift of the internet, I looked up the words “storm” and “water buffalo”. What popped up blew me away. It said that unlike other animals that roam the open plains, when a storm is rolling through, the water buffalo is the only animal that runs towards the storm and not away from the storm. In doing so, the water buffalo as a heard faces the storm head on and decreases the amount of time and frustration of being in the midst of a storm. The other animals try to run away, but in trying to run away the storm catches up and they end up running with the storm and increasing their time in it. We as humans often do the same thing. When there is a storm brewing in or around us we run away from the storm and in that process we only further the amount of time we have to be in the midst of it. I call it the hamster wheel. It is the new day, but same bologna over and over until we are ready togo through the storm. Thus, as followers of Christ we must be like the water buffalo as well. We must be brave, patient, and willing to run head on through the storm to get out of the storm. We have to be willing to feel intense emotions, touch unhealed wounds, talk about uncomfortable tough topics, and with determination and grit whether the storms together. The only way is through not around.

It is without a doubt that God is brilliant. Within a few short months He shared with me and now us what it is going to take to see the shifts to build and rebuild His kingdom here on earth. We must sing a melodic song like the whale to preach the good news of the gospel. We must have the resiliency of the ant to rebuild and relocate no matter what we face. Like the glory gorillas pounding their fists into the ground and on their chests, we must be ready for large and mighty tectonic plate shifts in our hearts, spirits, and culture. Lastly, we must like the water buffalo brave and efficient, charge full force into the storms around us together knowing Jesus was, is, and always will be beside us every step of the way. My question for you is are you willing to be like the whale, the ant, the gorilla, or the water buffalo? I know my answer, what is yours?

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