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Praise Him Always

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The Lord is my rock and my refuge from the storm. He protects me from my enemies. He carries me to high places to restore my soul. He takes the parts of me that are aching, in anguish, and in pain to fill me up with his everlasting peace. It is beyond the understanding of man. He rings me out like a rag until there’s nothing left. When he opens my ragged body, the face of Christ shines upon me. I have been transformed into a beautiful tapestry waving in the sky. Though like the woman at the well who went to get water to quench my thirst. The son of my heavenly father meets me to speak the truth of who I am. He came for me a sinner. I am not perfect, nor religious, nor scholar.

In the secret place I pray to him. I weep and I beg of him to have mercy upon me, my faults, my sins, my impatience, my judgments. He takes the pride on my lips and he crushes it with his heel to create a fine wine to share with my brothers and sisters. He came to restore me, to fill me up like the wine at the wedding feast of Canna. I pour forth my laughter and joy drunkenly in his presence. He is the light of my life, he is the oil in my lamp. Filled to the brim. He teaches me through wisdom how to care for my body. My body is a temple. I am the church. He resides in me and I in him. Yeshua, yes you are, yes you are. I am nothing without you. I am everything with you. You’ve created in me a foundation unshakable. You created in me a story worth telling and living. You have created in me eyes that see what you see, ears that hear the soft whisper of God, lips that speak Truth, a nose that smells the fragrance of heaven, and a tongue that tastes the victory of Christ. You have brought people into my life and you have brought people out of my life, but you father always stay. You father never leave, never forsake, never deny the love you have for me. It is through your conviction I walk a straight and narrow path. I know now that the last will be first and the first will be last. It is not when we say yes to God it’s if we say yes to God that will allow us into your heavenly kingdom. Furthermore, it is the denial of the Holy Spirit that will keep us from you.

Holy Spirit fire fall upon my head, course through my hands and my feet. Streams of living water rush forth from the depths of my belly. Heavenly father lift up those with unbelief, give them opportunity to say yes to you Lord. Let me be the opportunity for them to say yes to you. Lord God I ask for an increase of boldness. I ask for an increase of clarity, an increase of wisdom, an increase of righteousness, an increase of love, an increase of peace, an increase of hope, an increase of faith, increase of kindness and an increase of compassion. Heavenly Father, I ask for an increase of you, an increase of Holy Spirit, and an increase of Jesus. Heavenly father you have never left my side through all of this pain and sorrow. I glorify you all the days of my life whether I am well or ill you will always be praised and glorified by me. Whether I am alone or surrounded by people, I will praise you. I will glorify your name. I glorify you whether I have one dollar or one million dollars. I will always glorify your name. Whether I am among friend or foe. I will always glorify your name. You are worthy Lord, you are worthy, you are worthy. You are worthy of me dying to my flesh, dying to my desires, dying to my comfortability. Heavenly father you are worthy of me dying to any hope or dream that I’ve ever had because heavenly father you are now my hopes and my dreams. The day that I knew that my life would forever be changed is when I became your bride. To be your bride is to be forever pleased and forever pleasing- to be your bride is to know what love is and how to love others, to be your bride is to weep at the feet of Jesus on behalf of those in pain and hurting and to weep at the sheer beauty of your presence. To be your bride is to serve those who are blind, who are deaf, who are mute, who are not of sound mind with compassion. Heavenly father I come before you as a servant. Make me an instrument of your peace, let me sew into the garden of life. Let me sew into the garden of Eden. I can hear Edens echo calling me back to this place of purity, calling me back to the fathers arms. I can hear Edens echo calling me to a place of peace and abundance and wholesomeness. I can hear the father calling me to care for his children. I can hear the father calling me to mothership. I can hear the father calling me to be a mother of the nations. I can feel the pains of labor in the depths of my being. I can feel the pain of birthing on behalf of the father. The birthing pains increase, the birthing pains increase, but your hand only grips mine tighter. You’ve never let go of my hand. I have never had to birth a thing without you because without you I would be without promise. You are worthy of being praised all the days of my life. I exalt the all the days of my life.

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Joel Reichlin
Joel Reichlin
Jul 21, 2022

I absolutely love this

Dec 28, 2023
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Thank you! 😀

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