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Prophetic Word for our Time

The Lord has been cracking my heart open so completely the past few weeks in an extraordinary way. It has more times than not left me feeling vulnerable to the world around me because I have been so sensitive to His call, and in return hunger to be in His presence even more. My entire existence has felt worthless except when I am in my prayer closet alone with the Father. No one can satisfy this hunger, but Him. The truth is in these intense times when our hearts are cracked open His love is their to catch us. As it says in Psalm 103:19, "The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all of the universe." In the same light, He also sits on the thrones of our hearts. When we are completely broken open, we give Him an entrance and permission to set up His throne to rule our hearts. It is in knowing Him that you and I can truly know who we are, and any other thing we try to identify ourselves with will eventual whither away and die. Thus, to be in complete adoration and worship of Him our spiritual eyes and ears are open to hear what He has to say about who we are, what is going on around us, and what He has to say to the world.

It is without a doubt we are in the last phases of this chapter so that a new season can begin. As we enter this time of swift transition for many, it is hard not to bask in the truth of our times. It is a glorious time to be a believer in Christ. We get to be participants and witnesses to the miracles, signs, and wonders of Christ as the Holy Spirit pours holy fire across the earth. It is a time in history that a revival in the hearts of the broken will flourish by the billions. It is a time in history that many will repent and choose to be born again by the billions. It is a time in history that bodies of water will be filled with people waiting in a line for their baptism as a sign of their choice to their Covenant with the Lord. It is a time in history that the sick will be healed, and hospitals will be empty sterile museums. The light of Christ will outshine the darkest prison cells. The dead will be raised to life at exponential rates, and mental illness will flee. The physical, spiritual, and emotional traumas of the past will be swept clean as though they never occurred. People will unashamedly be marked by the cross and the power of His resurrection. Jesus will continue to reign on the earth like never before. Jesus is why churches will gather, not for pomp and circumstance, but rather because being apart from Him for even a moment will feel too long. We are entering a season of holy and reverent worship; where man, woman and child will come to weep, laugh, sing, and worship at His feet. They shall cry out- Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. We need you Jesus. The hunger for Him will be so great it will sound like a groan for a long lost lover.

Jesus is the bread of life. He is the sweet wine that quenches the thirst of His beloved. He is the reason for our very being and He fills us all with everlasting peace. I hear the Lord saying repeatedly, “Do not be afraid of the times. Do no be afraid of the times. The power that I walk in is so great no wickedness or principality can withstand my presence. Walk with me and you will never grow cold or weary. Walk with me and you will see the fruit of My spirit give birth to the most awe inspiring time in history. No intellect can outsmart what I am about to do. Watch and see. Watch and see in wonder and awe what I the Father am going to burst forth across the earth like never before. Stand guard intercessors and watchman. Be on the lookout. The Father is on the move and it will be visible only to the trained eyes in the spirit. When you see it begin to shout it out for others to see. It is through your trained eyes in the spirit your brothers and sisters will begin to see too. Be steadfast in prayer and continue to share the good news of the Father. The time is now. No longer will you wait to see the glory of the Lord sweep across the nations. The time is now.” Amen.

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Unknown member
Aug 29, 2021

Testing merit is sooo good. in this time, not only is it important to test the merit of what is happening around the world, but also in our own lives and in our own hearts we test the merit. God will show iis and by His grace and mercy will warn us of areas that need His touch. I’m in such a time of realization And repentance of what is true and what is needed. I thank Jesus for His Spirit that always loves 100% and changes us if we are willing to face the truth and yield to the potters hand

Aug 29, 2021
Replying to

Yes Joel, testing the merit of someone or something is imperative at this time. Excellent point, willingness is a key component.

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