The Greatest Spirit

Updated: Feb 16

Massimo Espirito, the Greatest Spirit, that is how I would describe the Holy Spirit. It is with greatness that He moves through each and every one of us. While Holy Sprits dwells in us and moves through us, we learn in Romans 5 that is through our faith in God that gives us an all-access pass to His grace, mercy and loving kindness. It is the reason I am a follower of Christ to this day. There are so many opportunities to walk away, but no matter what evil reared its ugly head, it is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit that never left me. When I think about Jesus and who He is for us, I am undone by His glorious nature. In Romans 8 we learn that it is through divine providence that God works all things out for good. That means, even the bad things that happen, God is ultimately in control and He will turn things around.

God never breaks a promise. It is His nature to follow through. That being said, if the currency of heaven is promises kept, I think it is time to stop holding back and cash in on all that He has for us. It is with the Massimo Espirito after all that moves freely on our behalf. No matter what your circumstances are today, it is with a blink of your eyes, the Father can change it all. Never give up, never stop believing, and when you feel the crushing press harder, stand back up. If there was ever a time to be stubborn and hard-headed I would say that the best time to be those things in life is when your life feels like there is no where else to go but to God. Be stubborn for Jesus. Be hard-headed for Jesus. Refuse to give into your painful emotions by filling the void with things that will harm you. Refuse to allow the messes of life to keep you from His presence.

I think I heard this somewhere once and it went a little something like this, “ If life takes you to your knees, then while you are down there, say a little prayer.” Well, goodness gracious if that does not sum it all up then I do not know what does. Nothing surprises God. Surprise yourself with your own resiliency. Pray without ceasing, choose to walk the path of purity in mind, body, and soul, and when your heart aches a little more than you think you can handle, let your prayer be as simple as acknowledging that Jesus exists. Let His love pour down on you from the heavens above, and with the Massimo Espirito have faith, that you can access His mercy, love, and kindness.

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