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The Stirring

It is without fail that I have found that what I focus my attention on and pursue grows. Sometimes it feels like a few feet backwards for every few inches forward, but it is without a doubt a truth that every person knows. If you focus on going to the gym consistently you will inevitably get stronger. If you consistently think about being happy, you smile even when you don’t feel like it, and you celebrate others even when you have little to celebrate in your own life you will inevitably be happier than if you did not do those exercises. Yet, what about those things we really desire that always seem to fall flat? We can sit and wait and cry out to the Lord for something to work out or we can strive over and over again for it to work to no avail, but often in our desperation and cry to God our eyes are not truly focused on Him, but indirectly as we pander with our problems. We cry out God we will do anything to see it work! God I am desperate please God I cannot take another moment. When we have the energy to desperately call out to Him I often see this image of Him smiling because He knows we have that little extra pinch of courage to step into a deeper space of trust and intimacy with Him. He does not ignore you or I in our times of trials, but often uses these times as exercises to build up the character inside of us. We are human beings and human beings love to take the path of least resistance. We must see resistance as an opportunity not an obstacle to our transcendence into heavenly places with Jesus. We can focus our attention on the things that are not working or we can refocus our attention on Him. It is in keeping our eyes on Him we can see the world around us with clearer vision, sharper hearing, and a new found sensitivity to the smells of heaven, and the touches of angelic presence and Holy Spirit.

Since Rosh Hashanah this past week, there has been a stirring in the spiritual realm. A stirring of the Father calling awake His people who are asleep to the vision Christ has for them and the world. Our perspective on things has become so limited because we get caught up in the smallness of our worlds. He sees something much bigger than we are letting into our spirits out of fear, out of selfishness, out of our emotions, and for many out of a place of sincere ignorance. We like our tiny little boxes. It is easy to dig our heels into the stubbornness and desire for things to be a certain way. It is easy to sit and watch each day pass by as another ordinary day. God has more for us to encounter and live out than in our daily routines. It is truly a time and season for people to awaken to the Holy Spirit. We are stepping up and out of a season of slumber and into a season of being located. I hear clearly that this is a season that many who have felt displaced will be located. They will be located by the right people, places, and things. They will be called out into their gifting and anointing. People will be in awe of the glory and revelation that leaves the lips of these people who seem to have just appeared. God is giving you right now an open invitation to sit at His feet and see that value of your focused attention on Him. It is not a waste of your life or time to focus your eyes on Him regardless of what society says we ought to be doing. It is through Him all things are possible. It is through Him we will see the things we desire to have and grow expand into something much more authentic and purer than we could have ever fathom.

Let’s pray to the Lord with sincere and earnest hearts. We bring our hearts before you Lord. We desire to let you lavish our hearts with your loving mercy. Our hearts are completely cracked open for you Lord. Heal the fractured parts of our souls Father. Let the value of our focused attention on you Lord shine above the rest. Let it completely transform and transcend our spirits to a heavenly realm so many of us wait in anticipation to witness. Thank you Father God for helping us to see the moments we have hardened our hearts and you stood by our sides teaching us that through grace there is room for true growth. Thank you for standing, ready to grab a hold of us, constantly loving the walls around our hearts until they come crashing down to bridge the gap in our understanding of the pain carried by my brothers and sisters and my own. Thank you for modeling true mercy and forgiveness. Thank you for the wisdom that in order to receive we must position ourselves with a focused attention on you God. Thank you for showing us what it means to yield and surrender our fleshly desires so you can pierce our hearts with the purity of your fiery gaze. The life in pursuit of divine connection to you Lord is what we desire. Draw us closer Father, share with us who you are so that we might be a glorious example of who you are on Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

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