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The Violent Uprooting

Updated: Apr 1

Yesterday it was super windy to the point that trees were uprooted from the ground. As I went for a walk, I saw some bigger trees that had been uprooted that had been in people's yards for several decades. I could not believe that these bigger trees had fallen with their roots exposed. I asked the Lord where he was in this windstorm? He said to me daughter like the trees that once grew mighty and strong in one soil, must be uprooted, and pass on so that the new can be planted and grow in its place. The roots that once were clinging to the dirt cannot keep my people warm. They have tried to keep their old ways of doing things covered and concealed clinging to the dirt, but the roots will now be exposed. The things that allowed you to survive all those years must be uprooted so that I can plant you where I need you. And so that I can finally be the one that keeps you warm.

Some people have been rooted in certain areas for a long time, it might be geographically, but really it is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that there will be an uprooting. It’s going to take a violent wind to uproot some of the old ways of doing things because of stubbornness, pride, and fear.

The Lord continued to speak to me on this walk about what he needed to do in this hour. He said he is going to uproot old ways of thinking and uproot old ways of doing things. He is uprooting relationships, people from leadership positions and replanting others in those positions. He is uprooting people from roles at their jobs to let others take over, and uprooting old ways of handling things in relationships that no longer serve in God's purposes in peoples lives. He is uprooting self-preservation and ego so that selflessness and humility can take over. He is uprooting the darkness that people have tried to hide so that he can finally take over and bring healing.

Sometimes you must be violently uprooted from the soil so that the Lord can plant you where he needs you. I think this is why he tells us so many times to not be attached to the things of the world because if we are to fulfill our purposes and our work on this earth, we are not to be firmly rooted in the ways of the world or in our way of doing things or in keeping what does not belong to us.

In a sense to be a Christian, we need to be open to being moved by God, even if it is a violent uprooting. It reminded me of the story of David and Goliath. Like the slingshot in David’s hand, the Lord was with him as his hand pulled back the slingshot to propel the rock forward to defeat Goliath. The slingshot and the rock were likened to the wind, and Goliath the trees. It seemed unreasonable that such a thing could cause such a violent ending. I shared this with a dear friend with whom I talk about revelation and scripture in depth. He said to me, Kathryn do you know what the name Goliath means? It means “uncovered splendor” in Hebrew. So, when David hit Goliath square between the eyes, cracked his skull open, and proceeded to take a sword to his neck, what David defeated was uncovered splendor. The splendor our minds create about our problems, of the way we view ourselves that we root ourselves in create these tall trees in our lives that we think are good for us. We so desperately cling to old ways thinking that if we go deep enough into the dark, we will never be exposed to the pain in our lives or the things that need a violent uprooting mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Those giant trees did not have roots strong enough the withstand the windstorm, just as those giant goliaths in our lives will never withstand the power and might of our God, and what he desires to take each of just as that giant Goliath stood no chance against David.

So this week and in the coming days, if you have not experienced it yet, be expectant of violent uprooting and exposure of things that you have tried to hide for a long time or that others have tried to hide for a long time. The Lord is going to grab it at its root and take it out with with you. Be expectant that people, places, and things are about to be violently uprooted so that the new and the better that God has for us can be planted and grow firmly in truth and goodness. Lastly, allow the splendor of your problems and obstacles in your mind to be defeated once and for all so that the true splendor of Christ can radiate in your life. Amen.

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