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The Wicked Shall Fall

Updated: Feb 23

This past month I have been reading 1 Kings and 2 Kings in the Old Testament. I began to see a pattern strewn throughout the text that is worth noting. In the first and second books of Kings, we see the rise and fall of many rulers. The Word of God never fails and no corrupt ruler or person who worshipped these false gods was left unpunished. When God would send a Prophet onto the scene to give a warning to a corrupt ruler and the people following false gods the chapters would always end with their demise and the burial of these people and their leaders remains with the corrupt ancestors that preceded them.

One in particular stands out and that is the story of Jezebel and Ahab. We are introduced to Jezebel and Ahab in 1 Kings 16. What we know of Jezebel is that her name means “Exalted of Baal” or “Where is my Prince?” The way that her name is spelled in the Bible, in Hebrew, “Zebel” means “dung” or “trash”. She was a Phoenician Princess which means she was from modern-day Lebanon. The god that she worshipped was Baal. Baal is the supreme god of Canaan and Phoenicia at this time. Baal was the god of fertility, and he was a god that these people would pray to produce crops and for people to have children.


We are warned time and time again throughout scripture that we are not to worship false gods. It is illustrated throughout the Bible what happens to those who disobey this command from God. It is so important to God that we follow Him alone that it is the first four Commandments of the ten. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments to share with the Israelites and their predecessors. The first Commandment is “You Shall have no other gods before Me.”  The second is “You shall not make idols.” The third Commandment is, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.” The fourth Commandment is “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Keeping this in mind we see the level of death and destruction that falls upon those who disobey these commands through rulers like Jezebel and Ahab.


The story of Jezebel and Ahab has four primary points in the book of Kings- all of which disobey the Ten Commandments. The first is her marriage to Ahab, whom she convinces to build a shrine to Baal. He then leads the people of Israel astray from God. He builds a shrine that they go to worship and pray. Then we see Jezebel persecuting the prophets of God, massacring those who believed and worshiped God. And God warns not to harm His anointed ones. Then we see her once again as she deceives Naboth, a small town property owner because she wants his vineyard. Her deception leads to his execution. It is now that God has had enough of her debauchery. Her demise is as violent as her leadership as she is thrown from a window to her death and eaten by dogs as prophesied by the prophet Elijah. Her death was as gruesome and cruel as the years of her wicked rulership.


As I completed reading the Book of Kings. I asked God what he was sharing with me that applies to our world today. It is no doubt that we are living in a time of corruption. A time when the Ten Commandments are being ignored. We are seeing division, death, and destruction in the world at the hands of those who worship false gods, coveting others belongings, and stealing at any means necessary. It will take a mighty miracle and touch from God for us to have a Global God Encounter. A Global Awakening and shaking that will draw people back to the heart of the Father away from these wicked ways.


It is no coincidence that over the past four years, I have had a series of dreams of war, deception, and the slaughter. The dreams are dark and ominous and feel like a forewarning. Many of these dreams are focused on children in concentration camps. They look innocent and safe, but they are luring these children to their deaths. In the latest dream that I had it was a man and a woman that would line children up and tell them it was time for them to take a bath. The children would wait in line and then step into the tub. As they sat in the tub in their clothing the water would get scolding hot, and they would be drowned to death in the water. What appeared innocent and cleansing was used as a means of torture to kill these children.


In today's world, there is so much of this deception taking place and it is harming not only children but women and men alike. People are so numb that they cannot see the corruption that is right in front of them that is surely to lead to their end.

It is no coincidence that God brought me to the Book of Kings and highlighted the witchcraft and violent acts of those who worship false gods such as Baal, a god of fertility. He was showing me as a warning for what is to come if people do not turn back to Him. I believe we are living in a time when what looks innocent and good is setting people up for death both in the flesh and in the spirit. I believe that it is a time when leaders in multiple streams of influence are drawing people further away from God and into the arms of Satan. I believe we are living in a time where remaining silent as a body of Christ is to accept this as okay which grieves the Father, as much as the acts themselves.


God highlighted the rise, fall, and demise of corrupt rulers and people. I believe he was showing me what is going to happen to many of the leaders we see in entertainment, business, government, and church bodies. The wrath of God is going to fall upon corruption of all kinds and there is about to be a shaking that is cause for the wicked to face the consequences of their evil acts and crimes against humanity. Do not be surprised when you start to see exposure happen at every level! Do not be surprised when you see the Jezebels and Ahabs of our time fall to their demise. We are about to see another uprooting of violent and corrupt leadership taken out of their positions and replaced with people that you may not have ever heard of but will be men and women of God who are righteous, pure, and good in the sight of the Lord.


While this is not a message that feels hopeful or peaceful it is a message of the Truth. It is the Truth that truly sets us free, and that Truth is Jesus is our Lord and Savior and He is whom we should follow praise and abide. I encourage you to take this message and discern for yourselves against what the Bible says in scripture about going astray and practicing idolatry of any form. We are to honor and obey God. He calls us to be a light in the dark and a part of that is to warn people to get their lives back on the straight and narrow. So please turn away from the idols in your lives. Turn away from corruption. Be a light in the dark and be cautious and discerning in the coming months. Christ will protect His children and His love will continue to be kind and merciful to those who love Him.


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