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Yes God, In To Me You See

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Last week we dove into anger with God and the all too often wrestling match that ensues. In all honesty, when I wrote that post I was still pretty upset with God myself, but I was inspired by the story of Jacob wrestling with God and the revelation of the blessings that were on the other side I had to share it with each of you. While last week I was inspired by Jacobs story, this week I was inspired to write about yours. Your story is yours and yours alone. Who comes in and out of your life may feel like a revolving door, but there will be one constant, and the constant is you and God. For as simple of a concept as that may be for many of you, there is incredible revelation and godly wisdom to be found within it. It is without a doubt that the Father designed us for community and relationship, but there is still something so sacred in our personal journey. There is something so intimate and precious that no one will ever fully see or grasp, even our closest family, friends, and partners. They will never truly get the full scope of the triumphs, tribulations, twists, and turns that you will go through in your allotted time on this earth. Yet, there is one other who truly walks with us every step of the way, every season, and every minute of our days. He knows your heart, your mind, your spirit, and your soul. He knows your desires, your gifts both seen and hidden, he knows the bad thoughts you have had and the good thoughts. He knows the bad things you have done and he knows all of the good things you have done. He knows where you came from and where you are going. He knows every detail and intricate detail about you. He is the author of your story after all.

God has something special to share with us today about our stories. He wanted to remind us that He is also the keeper of our souls if we let Him. He kept repeating, “You have a soul you know that right? You have a soul! You have a soul, you have a soul, you have a soul!” He spoke that directly into my spirit! He emphasized this over and over because there is a spiritual numbing that is sweeping across the world. We have been so distracted by the fast and the furious things of life it is as though we have forgotten the value and the importance of our soul as we journey. He is reminding us today that a part of our story is how intimately he sees into our souls. He sees both that glowing embers of revival and the shattered sharp edges from pain. The good news is, he wishes to bring restoration to our stories and most importantly to our souls.

Something that needs to be clarified is the difference between our spirits from our souls. Our spirit is what connects us to Him to experience Him. It is in our spirit that we connect to hear the Fathers still quiet voice. When we disconnect from Him in those seasons of drought, our spirits have disconnected from God, leaving our souls vulnerable to temptations and pain of the fallen world. Our souls are not some fictitious whimsical fairytale concept. The human soul is less distinguishable to that of our material bodies and their faculties, but our souls are our mind, emotions, and our will. Our souls are a reflection our character. When a person exclaims, “ What a beautiful soul,” they are speaking about the moral fibers and godly character of that person. Your soul is how you express God in your humanity, but we need our spirits to truly express God’s powerful love. It is our spirit that belongs to Christ, but our soul directs the sails of where it is headed.

God created man in His image, he therefore is our primary life source. If you want your soul to be fed and not wither away we must connect to the One who can feed your spirit and protect your soul. I once was in prayer and saw umbilical cords falling from Heaven and He prompted me to connect myself to one of them! In a prophetic act, I reached up and grabbed ahold of my supernatural umbilical cord and connected it to my heart. The Lord was showing me through that revelation that He is where I should go to receive my nutrients just as a baby inside their mothers womb grows and develops connected by an umbilical cord to their mother. If we are connected to the Father as our nutrient source then it is without fail you will receive the best nutrients a human could ever receive. There is absolutely nothing on earth that could ever replace the things the Father wants to feed you. It is through God that we can experience the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. He also wants to feed us his godly wisdom, his direction, his unconditional love for us. When we embark on our journey being fed these things, the story that unfolds is incredibly different. Correction now looks like gentle correction. Anger now looks like self-controlled diplomacy, and our pain looks like it is tended to with patience and kindness. Do you see the difference?

He is never going to leave you even when it feels like he is not there. Often, I wonder if the moments, months, or sometimes years where it feels like He has forgotten us, if it is in those times that it is us ripping out our cords, denying Jesus as our main connection line to stay connected to God. He truly is the Holy of Holies and His presence in our lives is like no other love we will ever encounter. He wants to add a good plot twist to each of our stories like he did to Jacobs, but we have to out of our own free will want connection to Him first. He wants to remind us today that sometimes, Fathers have to let their children fail and fall to see what they will do with the failing and falling, but He truly never leaves us and He never wants us to be disconnected from Him. He wants an intimate relationship with us and he wants us to know that he cares about our souls. God is not finished writing your story, today was a simple reminder that you have a soul and God intimately sees every inch of it. May God Bless each and every one of us to feel a connection to God. That Heaven would touch down on earth today and share our spiritual cords to God with us. Pick up your cord and attach it to your heart. Allow yourself to release your pain and suffering in exchange for the good things Christ has for you. You have a soul, you have a soul, you have soul! Now go heal and feed it with the Fathers loving embrace.

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