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Let His Integrity Shine

Today we are going to talk about integrity. In Proverbs 10:9 it says, “The one who walks in integrity will experience a fearless confidence in life, but the one who is devious will eventually be exposed.

I have this sense that in the coming weeks people are going to begin to see high levels of exposure of those who do and those who do not walk in integrity. Many people say that they walk with the Lord or say that they believe, but behind closed doors they do not walk in the ways of the Lord. The truth is going to come out about people and who they truly are while God continues to purify the body of Christ. Those who are still standing in positions of leadership have and will continue to walk in high levels of integrity. This will also trickle down to your own personal life. If you have been surrounded by people who lack integrity, you will know it.

They will not be able to withstand the next level that you are entering. Simply, they will fall off. People who do not inhabit the principles of integrity can only fake it for so long. The truth is that their inability to walk in honesty, strong moral principle, ability to keep promises, and to be consistently dependable will reveal what is necessary. So what is integrity? Integrity, according the Merriam-Webster Dictionary explains, integrity, “implies trustworthiness and incorruptibility to a degree that one is being false to a trust, responsibility, or pledge.” In other words, a person who walks in integrity walks in a level of freedom on the straight and narrow path, never to be entrapped by the snares of the enemy. Jesus walked in the fullness of Integrity. He walked out his purpose with confidence because he was walking in the ultimate truth.

When a person walks in integrity, they espouse certain characteristics. They are punctual. They keep their promises. They do what they say they are going to do. They are loyal and speak kindly to you and about you. Those who walk in integrity are authentic and strive to be truthful in all their ways. People with integrity value others, their time, and their sacrifices. They are people with good judgement. You know you have met a person who fully inhabits integrity because they have an ability to create authentic relationship through the edification of others, encouragement of others, and the building up of those around them without manipulation or coercion to benefit themselves. They have a symbiotic flow of love and mutual trust and respect with others. If someone is untrustworthy, or you get a sense that something is off, tap into in their integrity. Do they truly walk in the ways of the Lord and in the fullness of His truth.

As the adage goes, “those who tell the truth and walk in truth never have to remember their excuses or their lies.” That is what is illustrated in Proverbs 10:9. Those who walk in integrity because they do not have to be constantly thinking about their lies and wicked ways. A person of integrity can walk in confidence because they are walking the straight and narrow, right-on time to share the love and encouragement of Christ. So, take this as an opportunity to ask yourself how you have been a person of integrity or if this is an area you need to adjust how can you hold yourself accountability to walk in higher levels of integrity. Let’s be a people set apart and known for being a people of integrity, not a people who look a little like this world, but rather a lot like Him. Amen.

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