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Promises We Can Carry

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

As we wind down the year and I look back at 2023 I see a year filled with many changes, losses, and challenges. Yet, with each change, loss, and challenge I see the expanse of God working in people and through people. I see the tide turning and new chapters opening up. The new is filled with abundance, promises fulfilled, and the more that many have been patiently waiting to receive. God is masterful in all of his plans- knowing when the ball must be carried, dropped, rolled, or thrown. So often in the density of our carnal minds, we forget how much God is working fully and completely on our behalf. It is God who pays every one of us through the currency of his promises and exchanges the things we think we want for things he knows we need. Some of our promises we may openly share and celebrate with others as they come to pass. However, as I reflect in prayer, I can see that many are still buried in the hearts of those waiting on the Lord for their promises, their turn, and their shot at something more. For those of you waiting on the precipice of God's desires for your life, I believe radical acceptance is imperative to allowing God to bring these promises to fruition or exchanging out the old for something different.

I know that I am one of those who has had to surrender everything and submit to Him in my entirety. I have radically accepted how life has unfolded. While there are moments, I feel intense fear and discouragement at the end of the day, I always find myself quietly and patiently sitting at his feet. It is in these moments of quiet surrender that I have realized I trust him far more than I think I do. One of the truths that I have found in life is that some things do not look the way one would hope, some promises come in a form we did not expect, and others were never ours to have in the first place. This brings me to a Proverb that has stuck with me for many years. It is one that I have saved on my phone that I read multiple times a day. Proverbs 21:5 reads, “The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.” This verse anchors me and steadies me, and it reminds me that God has a promise over my life among other patiently waiting warriors to receive much more than we realize. I have always been a cautious and thoughtful person in my decision-making. When I commit to something or someone or to an idea or cause I give it everything I have. This verse reminds me it is in my diligence and patience to persevere that Jesus can work in me to be a pure vessel to receive it all in full.

It is living out this wisdom that opens the door to some of God’s most special and important promises in our lives. It is with diligence and consistency God can build up the discipline, grit, grace, and higher levels of compassion in us to be able to carry out or receive some of his greatest promises. It is protection to only give us what we are capable of taking care of. For one, he may have to take you through a long and arduous process of learning how to speak clearly and confidently before he can give you a role leading in the marketplace. If God were to give you this promise before its time it may be too overwhelming for you to carry out. It may have caused you more pain than having gone through the process. For another, you may need to put in countless hours at your craft before you are given offers from financial investors on your project. If the offers come too soon you may not have the capacity to provide quality products at a high demand. Whatever it might be, it is important to pursue God in all that you do even if it feels like life is passing you by with no promises in sight. Seek Him and all that is meant for you will follow. Whatever falls away and whatever grows within you is a part of the process of being able to steward the promises over your life well. No matter how difficult, painful, lonely, or scary it might feel, know that God sees you. He knows the perfect timing to release your promises. Be steadfast and consistently seek the things of the kingdom of God and watch the Lord bring you to a place with confidence to receive your promises with His blessings and favor. Amen.

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Joel Reichlin
Joel Reichlin
Dec 17, 2023

this is very clear and very true, deep and Godly perspective

Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

Thank you. Clarity and Truth are important principles of how to know if God is in something.

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