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The Army is Here

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

As we continue on into the new year we will see the intents and purposes of using the imagery of the whale as the Prophetic movement begins to move throughout the nation. Out of the mouth of whales we will see a holy remnant of authentic laid down lovers for Jesus come forth. They are unconcerned with the political climate of the Church because in their eyes the wheat from that tares are once again being separated. It will separate the Holy and Sanctified from the those chasing a platform, a title, fame, or fortune. Jesus tells us not to worry about what we will wear or when we will eat because He always provides. He tells us that if we believe He will take what little we have and multiply it. This means for those who believe in Him will be provided for In abundance. However, the focus on material possessions is not the focus of Scripture nor is it the focus of those truly walking with the Father. Some will have much in some seasons and others will have less, but the point is we will always be taken care of by the Father not by how much. The true Jesus of Nazareth will take His Throne. The Beatitudes will be fulfilled. We will see the meek, the humble, and the poor take what truly belongs to them. He will be gracious and merciful to the pure in heart. The poor will see their reward in heaven.

His Kingdom is far superior to anything on the Earth. He is Yeshua Hemashiach, the Anointed One. He does not fight by sword or fist, but by power and might of our loving Father. He brings comfort with every truth and humility with every miracle whether man has vision to see it or not. He is the reason we have breath in our lungs and He renews all things, taking the ashes of our hearts and turning them into beautiful vessels to carry His Holy presence.

You will know His chosen not by the carnal things of the world. They will not have large followings nor will they bow to the doctrine created by man. They are normal everyday people. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. They own small businesses, work at the local grocery store, and serve at your favorite restaurant. Some are single, some married, and others divorced. Some are women others are men. They all have a broken past, yet all have a whole and perfect future in Christ. They are the abiding ones. You will sense something different about them. They will have a warm glow about them. Jesus has sent this army of Christians not afraid to tear down the strongholds of control, unrighteousness, manipulation, pride, and perversion everywhere they go. You will know they are present because of the effectiveness of their messages. They will pierce the hearts of those they meet and they will not leave without filling what was made empty with the goodness of God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit. They are more concerned with intimate relationship with the Father and understanding His heart for His people than they are with the intimate relationship of men and women of influence. They have a concern for the protection of family. They see the value of women, children, and the elderly. They have a heart to see restoration in our communities. Most of all they have an authentic prayer life and relationship with the Father.

The true army of God is arriving in fleets and they have been planted in places to be light for the world to see. The old church built on rules and regulations is no longer sufficient in providing this authentic level of God's Love and Truth. In order to reach the multitudes God has sent out the willing, to reach those who otherwise would never have a touch of heaven in their life. We will see in our lifetime an authentic revival. The Church will be torn down and the true laid down lovers of Christ will rebuild it with their blood, sweat, and tears. As it says in Romans 12:9 Hate what is wrong and hold tight to what is good. We will see the Church filled with the good things of the Father and all that He Hates will be forced to flee! There has never been a time in

the history like this and for those who love Him, they will see firsthand why.

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