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To Love is to Be Great

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

There is greatness inside of you and it is important to gate and protect it. We live in a culture that says that to protect ourselves and to obtain this “greatness” we must put ourselves first. It is all about doing what we want, when we want, and how we want it. It is a self-celebrating culture, built on self-love, self-gratification, and self-serving. Yet, this is the opposite of what God says to do to illuminate the greatness in you. The truth is we must put others first to see our greatness shine. When you say these types of things most turn away because they think this means that one must be in a perpetual state of suffering where their needs are not met. This is the flesh speaking, apart from the revelation through the Holy Spirit. God promises us that by giving our bodies over to Him all of our needs will be met above and beyond what we could imagine. Furthermore, while God created the earth for us to enjoy, do not let the world deceive you into thinking that creation is at your disposal.

What God can do through you is far greater than what you can do for yourself. To be great is to be separated by one's ability to radically love in humility and selflessness. As servant leaders of Christ, to bear witness to His sacrifice on the cross and resurrection means to die to ourselves daily so that our spirits may resurrect with Jesus. We are called to serve, to protect, and to be representatives of Christ. The Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 10:23-24, “You say, “I am allowed to do anything”—but not everything is beneficial. Don’t be concerned for your good but for the good of others.”

While God gives us free will to do as we please, and although we often wander off the path, submitting to His will draws us back to where he wants us. It allows God to illuminate the greatness within us. When we empty ourselves, it allows Him to pour into us. The emptier of ourselves we become the more of God can reside in us.

So, what is God’s will? God's will in the simplest of terms is that we love God above all things and to love others. To love God is to love others and to love others is to love God’s creation. To love God is to do good for others, and to love others is to direct them towards God. To love God is to bow only before Him in holy reverence and to love others is to serve humbly, not looking for gain or reward. To love God is to accept and follow his commands; to love others is to share the gospel of peace and the good news of Christ our Lord and Savior. To love God is to deny our flesh, to become less of us and more of Him, and to love others is to understand them before we look to be understood. To love God is to repent for our transgressions, and to love others is to ask for forgiveness and freely forgive. To love God is to clothe our minds, bodies, and souls in his purity and righteousness, and to love others is to remind them of the gift of their purity and righteousness in how we speak and treat them. To love God is to praise Him on our best days, the mundane days, and the best days and to love others is to show honor and respect regardless of how they treat us or how we feel.

If God’s will be for us to love Him with all our souls and to love others freely what does that mean? The soul is your mind, your will, and your emotions. To love God with all of your soul is to love him with your mind (your daily thoughts), your will (your daily actions), and your emotions (your heart). So, to love God is not only to know God but to allow Him to have full domain over you so that He can draw out the greatness in you. This is done when we learn to get lower and to serve humbly and joyfully. To protect yourself from the lies of the world that ultimately cannot fill you, you must look to the scriptures and lean into prayer for direction. God spells out in scripture to whom you belong, to whom speaks life into your spirit man, and how best to live your life. Brilliantly, God knows that when we empty ourselves of our desires and do not always do the things that we want He can take over. He knows that no one or thing is greater than He. Therefore, if He lives in you and takes up the most space within you, how much greater are you? It is ascertained the greatest version! So do not be deceived in believing you must fill yourself up and serve yourself to protect your ability to be great. Greatness is not accounted for by how you look or how much money you have or the amount of influence you obtain in life. The greatest among us are truly the lowliest, the meekest, the most compassionate, most loving, and most God-fearing of us all.

It is in this truth we see less of ourselves and more of the Father in the reflection in the mirror. So, if you wish to see the greatest version of yourself, remember that just because you can does not mean that you should. To “do you” is a counterfeit route that only leads to more wants and more desires that will never be fulfilled. Count the costs of self-gratification lurking at every corner. Your faithfulness and obedience to love God and others will protect you and shine His greatness and glory through your life more than you’ll ever know. Amen!

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Unknown member
Jul 01, 2023

I absolutely love this. “to love God is not only to know God but to allow Him to have full domain over you so that He can draw out the greatness in you.” I was studying in devotion yesterday about how Jesus empties Himself and become a man. He humbles Himself for our sake. He is our example. It’s only when we give Him that dominion that we begin to experience the Fullness of what He has freely given us.

Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

Laying at his feet to give God full dominion is the greatest act of faith!

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